Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky was a member of the early Bolshevik Party in the Soviet Union and a Marxist-Leninist. was one of the leaders of the October Revolution that overthrew the improvisational Russian government.(1) In the early years of the Soviet Union, he was second in command only to Vladimir Lenin.(2) After Lenin's death, it was disputed who would run the Soviet Union, with two contenders- Trotsky and Joseph Stalin. Stalin rose to power and Trotsky was exiled from the country.(3) Outside the Union, he founded the "Fourth International",(4) a group opposing both Capitalism and Stalinism. He died in 1940, in Mexico, assassinated by Ramon Mercader.(5)
Leon Trotsky was exiled to Siberia a dozen times during the Czar's reign in Russia.


Trotskyism is a set of beliefs about Communism advocated by Trotsky. It centers around "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" based on democratic philosophy. Another Belief in Trotskyism is "International Revolution", where revolutions must be encouraged and financed in other countries.

Arguments For(6)

Communist countries cannot remain communist with pressure from outside Capitalist forces. China, Vietnam are proof of this. For communism to succeed, all countries must support it, or capitalism will venture back into society. Therefore, countries seeking to achieve communism must support revolutions in other countries.

Many communist countries have poor human rights records. To avoid this, Trotskyians advocate constitutions be written for the provisional government to follow, and that democratic elections be held, so that violent Dictators cannot remain in power. It has long been said by famous communists that the bourgeoisie are the ones that must be suppressed-not the proletariat.

Countries that have not yet achieved capitalism could immediately begin on the socialistic route. This is a rather effective method of stopping Capitalist exploitation before it begins. Socialists could modernize the country themselves. "Sucessful" Capitalism isn't necessary if society hasn't been poisoned by capitalism yet.

With concern to the "United Front" theory, in still capitalist society, the interests of the working class must be protected. To do so, members of the working class should get together to protect themselves against exploitation. This could be useful for recruiting momentary non-revolutionaries.

Arguments Against(7)

Communist revolutions dont pop up everyday. If the working class in one country overthrow the government, they shouldn't be wasting their time in other countries-they should be protecting their interests against capitalism in their own country. Worldwide revolution is a waste of time and resources, while socialism is shaky in your own country.

Democracy slows countries down. People are easily manipulated, and politicians aren't the ones with the best ideas, but the best public speakers. Democracy opens the door for corruption in the government.

With United Fronts, premature opportunism will make the capitalists suspicious, and thus give them time to squash the fronts. Workers must be organized and then revolt.